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Banyan Waste Solutions offers you technology from the original inventors of the trash compactor.
Our compactors operate with an incredible force of 12,000 PSI (Pounds per Square Inch) and provide up to a 20:1 compaction ratio.
BWS offers the most powerful American made motor in its class.
Our trash compacting equipment is ruggedly constructed, easy to use with proven performance.
Solidly built; ideal for restaurants or any retail businesses with a cardboard or garbage stream.
The BWS compactor/cardboard baler offers the newest, safest, and most innovative technology to handle your waste and recycling stream while saving your company thousands of dollars per year.

The BWS 1000 can save thousands of dollars by reducing your trash hauling expenses and cardboard recycling costs. When configured as a compactor, the BWS 1000 utilizes a high capacity compaction system with a puncture resistant bag. The large loading door easily accommodates even the largest bag of bulky trash. With the loading door closed, a single button engages the compaction cycle with 12,000 pounds of pressure per inch. By simply removing the waste cart, the BWS 1000 simply converts into a high capacity cardboard baler. Reducing the dumpster size and the frequency of the trash pickups will allow you to reduce all waste bills.

Maintenance of the BWS Compactor/Baler is extremely convenient due to the high-quality stainless steel construction which makes it extremely durable, rust-proof, and allows for quick and easy clean up. Because the unit is completely self-contained, users are very happy to report that odor is not an issue. 100% of our clients recommend our products.

Best Quality Stainless Steel Construction


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